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35 kv cable shielding can use two layers of copper strip instead of copper wire

2014-11-18 09:01:38 Tips:

External electromagnetic interference shielding layer mainly, to prevent the use process due to its electromagnetic field generated by the disturbance to the surrounding environment and fault current. 


According to the requirements of using occasions for shielding performance, the selection of different materials such as copper wire braided shielding, copper tape around the package block, copper thin around the block, aluminum alloy wire braided shielding, copper clad aluminum wire braided shielding, aluminum-plastic composite belt winding and shielding, and so on. Among them in order to ensure the continuity of the shield, reduce the transfer impedance of shielding layer on copper strip around the package, aluminum-plastic composite belt winding and usually need to be vertically placed in the shield a root or more annealed copper wire as the drainage line. The shielding characteristic is often measured by inhibition of shield coefficient (R) to measure. Copper wire braided shielding R = 0.07 > copper tape around the package block R = 0.02 > copper thin round (reverse binding wire) R = 0.01. 


Copper tape screened the main direction of current is like copper strip spiral! With copper wire shielding electric current flows through the short journey! Less heat! With two layers of copper tape screened, shielding sectional area increase! Through the current decreases. Also reduce heat! Also can have the effect of shielding signal. But for 500 was carrying capacity is bigger, its produce electromagnetic field is large, when the short circuit current exceeds a certain value, with 0.12 mm on the second floor of the value of the cross section of copper strip cannot achieve copper thin round can achieve more effective cross section of the value, from the above consideration, copper thin around him around (reverse binding wire) the effect is much better than other shielding method, and continuity is reliable, so the selection of copper wire thin around the block.